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Brighter landings for Brighton

Brighter landings for Brighton, or is it a stairway to heaven? Firstly, we’d like to apologise for the pun but it was just crying out to be done. What we don’t need to apologise for is the fantastic result that a single Solarspot D-38 sun tunnel has made in this ‘light-locked’  galleried landing stairway in West Blatchington, Brighton.

Brighter landings Brighton
Stairway to heaven

Paul and Jean had been in their four bedroom detached house for a number of years, and whilst they were rightly proud of their home, the dark landing and stairwell had always been an issue. “Familiar problem,” said Paul, “stairs and landing had no natural daylight so we had to wedge the doors open all day. We had to find a way of getting in daylight to make the landing brighter!’

The Solarspot light pipe was fitted in approximately four hours with no fuss or mess. “The transformation was remarkable. The solar tube system was fitted in December so we couldn’t wait to see how it would looked when we got brighter into spring. It just got better and better! The stairs and landing now has light flooding in, the result is much brighter than expected. We would recommend this solution to anyone with a dark landing area.”

We would normally recommend the smaller D-25 system for a landing or stairwell but for  this galleried landing the best option was the larger D-38.

The larger unit is able to deliver roughly 70% more daylight and is perfect for spaces up to 20 square metres or more. Paul and Jean also opted to fit the integrated electric light kit with low energy lamp unit. “It’s great” said Paul, “the lamp unit is wired into the same circuit as the other lights in the ceiling so it comes on when we switch them on as it gets dark. Having said that, during the  summer we rarely need to turn the lights on as the Solarspot works long into the evening. And when it’s a full moon, there’s enough light to see where you’re walking so we don’t even turn the lights on then.”

The Solarspot D-38 is ideal for all larger spaces and can transmit daylight for distances of up to 11 metres into the heart of your home.

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