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Brighten your home with Solarspot solar tube systems

When you’re looking into what solar tube system to buy for your home you will come across many grandiose but unsubstantiated claims from various suppliers but you will find little in the way of hard facts. Solarspot solar tube systems are the only manufacturer to publish independent test figures showing how their systems compare with sun tunnels from companies like Solatube and Velux.

In these tests, the Solarspot solar tube was proven to give around 70% more light than the next-best unit, the Solatube, and up to 20 times more daylight than the Velux flexible system.

That’s why we recommend Solarspot solar tube systems for your home as you’ll be guaranteed to get the maximum amount of light per unit, and we’re guaranteed to have nothing but delighted customers.

In tests, Solarspot D-25 and D-38 sun tunnels out-performed their closest competitor by, on average, 50-70%.

That’s up to 70% more daylight that Solatube 160 DS and up to 70% more than Solatube 290 DS.

Solarspot D-25

  • Diameter: 250mm (10″)
  • Max Recommended Length: 7.0m
  • Coverage: Up to 12sqm
  • Efficiency: 55%

Solarspot D-38

  • Diameter: 380mm (15″)
  • Max Recommended Length: 11m
  • Coverage: Up to 22sqm
  • Efficiency: 57%

Why you should choose Solarspot

  • Fully guaranteed for 10 years
  • Independently tested
  • No heat loss or heat gain
  • 99.7% relective – the most efficient tubing in the world
  • DIY or dealer installed – installers nationwide
  • Patented technologies
  • UV protected – no yellow domes
  • More than 70% brighter than the next best system

Here’s what makes the Solarspot so bright

Solarspot solar tube systems have the only dome to offer proven daylight capture technology, harvesting the maximum amount of light regardless of the weather conditions or location on the roof. Inside the non-yellowing ‘stay clear’ acrylic dome there is an RIR lens system to capture daylight even on the dullest days.

Just below the dome is the Convas condensation lens that manages potential condensation and improves thermal efficiency.

For the tubing, Solarspot uses the most reflective material in the world, Vegalux 99.7% reflective, to ensure that all of the valuable light captured at the top is transmitted to the room below with the minimum amount of loss.

And at the ceiling, the Perlato diffuser distributes the light evenly around the room whilst ensuring that there’s no transfer of hot or cold air and no harmful UV rays to fade your carpets or furnishings.

Solarspot solar tube systems – guaranteed to deliver more daylight into your home.

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