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Solarspot sun tunnels deliver brighter bathrooms

Solarspot sun tunnels deliver brighter bathrooms. If you suffer from a dark, windowless bathroom, en suite or shower room you are not alone. As there are no regulations concerning natural light in bathrooms they are frequently left without windows. In addition, with more of us extending the homes that we are in, the bath or shower room is often enveloped by other rooms that take priority for daylight. And even if there is a window, it’s the size of a postcard, uses obscured glass and faces the neighbours house a few feet away. All of which makes it redundant as a source of useful daylight.

Solarspot sun tunnels deliver brighter bathroomsAnd if you live in a new-build house, then your bathroom or en suite was probably never even designed with a window in mind as there is no requirement under planning rules to include natural light in these areas of a building.

This was exactly the case for Susie W. in her West Moor, near Ringwood bungalow. Due to the layout of the building there was no wall available to accommodate a window. And typically, the developer had ignored the problem, leaving it for the future owner to make their own arrangements. Fortunately, Susie had a friend who had a similar situation and had remedied it with a Solarspot solar tube system. “Whilst I love the bungalow, the layout suits me perfectly, the dark ‘coal-hole’ of a shower room and hall started to really get me down. As soon as I realised that something could be done, I wasted no time and had the sun tunnel fitted.”

“I also took the opportunity to replace the old electric light that the builder had fitted and used Solarspot’s integral electric light kit. Now when it gets dark, I simply turn it on like a normal light. I’m so pleased with the Solarspot sun pipe in the shower room that I leave the door open to get some more daylight into the hallway.”

The Solarspot D-25 is the perfect solar tube for most en suites and bathrooms. Despite being only 250mm, 10 inches, in diameter, the Solarspot D-25 sun tunnel is able to provide enough daylight for spaces up to 12 square meters. The system is small enough to fit through even the narrowest standard joist gaps and is effective up to 6m in length. Susie used a Solarspot installer to fit her D-25 , but they can be fitted by any builder or competent DIY enthusiast.

Susie’s Solarspot sun tunnel was fitted by Blandford Forum-based installers Langley Roofing.

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