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Solarspot, cheaper and easier to fit than Velux roof window

Solarspot, cheaper and easier to fit than Velux roof window.  When Sheila and Chris brought their retirement bungalow, they knew that no property would be entirely perfect and that there would be compromises. The layout of the bungalow was perfect for them; the right number of bedrooms, a good size kitchen, manageable garden and most importantly, a nice neighbourhood. The only down side was the large vaulted-ceilinged living room.Solarspot, cheaper and easier to fit than Velux roof window
The couples’ initial thoughts were to install a couple of large Velux-style roof windows – as the ceiling was vaulted this should have been a relatively easy job.
But after consulting a local builder it seems that the process was not quite as straightforward. Unbeknown to Sheila and Chris, there was a void between the roof and vaulted ceiling meaning that the installation of traditional roof windows would have been a major job.
“The builder told us that he’d have to virtually rip out the clad ceiling to create the light wells ” said Chris, “it would also require an internal scaffold tower to allow safe access for them to work from.
“If that wasn’t enough, the room would require completely redecorating when the window installation was finished – new ceiling and all. The cost was prohibitive so another solution needed to be found”
So Chris took to the internet and came across the Solarspot D-38 sun tunnel system. “There were so many solar tube systems available; Solatube, Lightway, Sunpipe, Velux sun tunnel etc,. with a wide price range and all the suppliers making claims about how bright they are. It was the BRE tests that convinced me that Solarspot was the system to choose.
“The Solarspot installer had finished the work at around 2pm and by mid-afternoon the room was exactly as it had been before he’d arrived, only now it was completely transformed. We were amazed. I’d recently cancelled the subscription for my monthly photographic magazine because I just couldn’t read it properly. The room is now so bright that I’ll be visiting my news agent to re order it.”
“Committing to a project like this is always a risk, you never know what you might get, but I can wholehearted recommend the solarspot product and the service, both before buying and during the installation, to anyone.”

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