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Extensions leave your home dark.

What architects won’t tell you is that most extensions will leave your home dark. There will be exceptions but in most cases the original footprint of the house will now be further from the windows and left without daylight. Solarspot adds daylight for dark or windowless areas of your bungalow caused by building extensions. With the ever increasing costs of moving more people opting to extend their homes to give them the extra space that they need. And one of the most common choices for building extensions is extending kitchens to create that 21st century ‘must have’, the family room. However one of the main consequences of extensions is that the back of the room, usually the dining area, is left in the dark.

Extensions leave home dark.After an extension was added, turning the old kitchen area into a dining area, the owners quickly realised that they’d underestimated the amount of daylight the would come through to light the space. Luckily it was possible to duct a tube down through a cupboard above to bring some much-needed light into the dining area.

In our second example, this bungalow dining room relied on two glassed doors to try and bring in some daylight. Despite this the owners found that they needed to use electric light every time they needed to use the room, which meant that they rarely did.

Luckily they were introduced to Solarspot D-38 via a friend and a solar tube unit was fitted to remedy the situation. In both cases, rooms that were dark and depressing were transformed into bright welcoming spaces giving them a new lease of life for  their owners.

So how do they work?

A sun tunnel is a very simple thing; a dome or window on your roof connects to a daylight diffuser in your ceiling via a reflective pipe. But despite their simplicity, the performance of these systems varies massively. For example, a Solarspot D-38 will give you around 70% more daylight than it’s nearest ‘equivalent’ competitor the Solatube 290DS. And if you were thinking of getting a Velux flexible system… think again as you will need around 20 of these sun tunnels to match the daylight delivered by the Solarspot D-38.

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