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SolarAir – let the sun cool you down

Do you find that your home turns into a greenhouse in the summer months or the contents in your loft get damp and mouldy? If so, a SolarAir solar powered attic fan could be the air extraction system solution you’ve been looking for.

The SolarAir SA20 is simplicity itself. A roof mounted unit with a super-efficient 20w crystalline solar module, linked straight to an extraction fan below can extract air from your loft at a rate of up to 1800 cubic metres – subject to sky conditions.

So in summer, hot air in the loft (which can be 20 degree higher than the ambient external temperature) is extracted and cooler, fresh air from outside is drawn in to replace it – cooling your entire house*. In winter, cold, moisture-laden air, that causes mould and damage to items in your loft, is extracted and replaced with fresh air.

And the best thing of all is the system costs nothing to run and  is totally environmentally friendly.

*manually adjustable ceiling values are available to promote whole-house ventilation.

Solar powered attic fan how Solar Air works

As the sun shines on your house, the virtually silent fan extracts the resulting hot air to keep your loft and top-floor cool and fresh.

Installing a solar fan

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