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More Natural daylight for Eastbourne kitchen

More natural daylight to be served on the menu in this Eastbourne kitchen. When Michael and Diane decided that it was time for a new kitchen, units and work surfaces where not top of the agenda. The couple had lived in their Bungalow near Eastbourne for some time and had previously installed a rival solar tube system to try and combat the acute lack of natural daylight in the kitchen.

More natural daylight Eastbourne Kitchen“The first attempt to bring some light into the kitchen was born of desperation” said Michael, “the sun tunnel supplier promised an improvement in the daylight levels but they were negligible at best. Before starting work on our new kitchen we wanted to ensure that we’d selected the best sun pipe system available to do our new kitchen justice.” “Following some lengthy internet investigations, we decided on the Solarspot system. The BRE report comparing the Solarspot D-38 with the Solatube 290 DS featured on their website persuaded us that this was the system to choose. Unlike all of the other sun tunnel sites that we looked at, it was the only independent test data available to prove how it was the brightest and that gave us the confidence to make the purchase.” Michael and Diane instructed their local installer to do the work prior to the kitchen refurbishment so that all of the important decisions for colours, units, work surfaces etc., could be done in natural light conditions.

The couple chose to install two Solarspot D-38 sun tunnel systems as their previous experience with Velux flexible daylight pipes had left them a little suspicious of the claimed performance.

“The difference the Solarspots have made is astonishing, the room is transformed,” exclaimed Michael “We could have probably got away with just one but we’re delighted with our decision and the results”.

The Solarspot sun tunnel systems were installed by Worthing-based solar tube installers. The work was completed inside a day and there was no need to redorate or make any changes to the roof structure.

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