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Conservatories steal your daylight

It’s true, conservatories steal your daylight. In fact, your conservatory is literally guilty of daylight robbery. When John and Poppy Collins in Honiton, near Exeter, decided to add a conservatory to their south-facing bungalow living room, they had no idea of the effect it would have in the room. The conservatory was added in March and they were immediately aware of a drop in daylight levels in the living room.Conservatories steal daylight
It seems to be a common misconception that adding a conservatory will some how increase light in the room that it’s attached to but the opposite is true.
Adding a conservatory will actually reduce daylight to the adjacent room by at least 20%, more if it’s a triple-wall polycarbonate roof. But things were about to get worse for the Collins’ as they soon discovered that as they moved from spring to summer their conservatory was going to need sun-blinds to reduce the heat build-up.
“With the new blinds installed the living room was virtually plunged into darkness” said John. “The conservatory gave us some much needed extra living space but the lounge was now so dark in the day that we needed the lights on virtually all of the time. The living room was so dark and unwelcoming that we had to do something.”
Luckily for the Collins’s, there was a quick and simple solution to their problem. A Solarspot D-38 solar tube was installed roughly two-third of the way into the room to maximise daylight at the back. The 380mm diameter sun tube travels up from the ceiling, through the attic space and out onto the roof. Despite being located on a northerly aspect, the patented RIR lens system ensures that maximum daylight is still delivered to the room below.
With so many solar tube options available on the market; Velux Sun Tunnel, Solatube, Lightway, Sun Pipe, Solarspot etc it’s difficult to know which system to go for. ‘Luckily we were able to read the independent report compiled by the BRE, and whilst it doesn’t make recommendations it was clear to see that the Solarspot was significantly more efficient that the other systems tested’.
John and Poppy’s Solarspot sun tunnel was fitted by local installer Dunkeswell-based Lee Booth who covers the south Devon region.

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