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Brighter bungalow hallways with Solarspot solar tubes

Brighter bungalow hallways with a solar tube from Solarspot. It’s common problem that many bungalow suffer from, a central corridor that has no windows so is left dark and gloomy. This was exactly the fate of this seventies bungalow in Ashford, Kent. The only option for the owner was to leave all of the hallway doors open in order to bring in some borrowed light from the bathroom and bedrooms.

Brighter bungalow hallwaysFollowing a chance conversation with a family member, the owner of the bungalow decided to investigate the possibility of installing a solar tube into her hallway.

“The problem was knowing which sun tunnel to go for,” said Joyce, the owner of the bungalow. “All of the sun pipe companies online make claims about the performance of their products but it’s very hard to compare like-with-like. “Luckily, the team at Solarspot had just received the results from an independent comparative test carried out by the Building Research Establishment. A lot of the technical stuff eluded me but the performance tables were very telling. The Solarspot system was shown to be a clear winner, delivering around 70% more light than its nearest competitor the Solatube 290DS”
Joyce’s Solarspot system was installed by Ansell Property Maintenance in Dover, one of the network of Southern Daylight Systems installers that are based across the south of the UK. The Dover-based team fitted a Solarspot D-25, which is a 250mm diameter sun tube, into Joyce’s hallway. The job was completed in a morning and there was no need to make a structural changes or for any redecoration.

“The installer had the job finished in a morning by Southern Daylight Systems and the effects of the solars tube were immediate. I’m absolutely delighted with the results of the Solarspot D-25 – my hallway has been transformed from a dark, gloomy passage into one of the brightest spaces in my home. And the Solarspot integrated light kit has allowed me to dispense with my old pendent light which was a magnet for spiders and cob webs.”

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