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Solarspot, brighter bungalows guranteed

Solarspot, a brighter retirement  – with more of us opting to downsizing after retirement, demand for good bungalows often is outstripping the local supply. So in order to find the perfect new home it may be necessary to extend the building to make it more suitable for modern living.

brighter bungalow hallway landingWhen Marina and Fred downsized to a detached bungalow in a Hampshire village close by to their family the first thing they decided to do was re-organise and extend the building to suit their new life style, and prepare their new home for the future. The priority was to add some extra floor space to increase the living area so they built an extension across the rear of the building.

“We knew that this would mean that we would lose some of the light to the back of the living room, but we thought the addition of three large Velux windows would do what we needed but the back of the room was still very dark” said Fred. “In addition, when we moved the wall back, we had to brick-up the bathroom window so that also needed looking at.”

Fred did investigate the options for daylighting these spaces but he ruled out additional Velux roof windows as the installation would have required considerable structural work and a huge amount of disruption. Instead Fred turned to daylight tubes for a solution. After considering offerings from Solatube, Lightway, Velux, Fakro, Sun Pipe etc., he decided on Solarspot.

“After some initial consternation, so many options to choose from, my mind was made up by the independent test report from the BRE. It didn’t test all of the systems available but common sense tells me that if these other sun tunnel suppliers were better and brighter than Solarspot then they would publish their results. Their silence on the subject speaks volumes!’

For the living room a Solarspot D-38 was chosen as it lights areas up to 22 square metres, and for the bathroom the smaller Solarspot D-25 proved more than sufficient brighter bungalow bathroom ensuiteto illuminate the space.

“The work was done in less than a day” commented Fred, “with no mess and at a fraction of the price of the Velux option. We’re delighted.”

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